Unicorn Backpacks

Nothing better than a unicorn backpack to store your stuff with the wizardry of the fabled horse!

The most frequent questions about the Unicorn Backpack

How are unicorn backpacks actually designed?

The design of Unicorn backpacks is as dreamlike as the mythical creature itself. You will find almost exclusively friendly and thoroughly optimistically designed variants with more or less magical presentations through colorful rainbows or similar color games. Most of the time there are many Unicorn faces on the backpack. But sometimes you will also find models with "only" one unicorn printed on them. There are also backpacks, whose shape reminds of a unicorn head or body.


What makes the Unicorn backpack from Kawaii Unicorn special?

One of the most popular Unicorn backpacks is the funny creation Dabbing Unicorn Backpack. Although the Dabbing Unicorn seems very childlike, she also inspires adults. In any case, it is great fun to put away your notebooks. The wearer of the rucksack can look forward to a high-quality product and is sure to receive benevolent and amused looks while on the move. And: The Unicorn backpack by Kawaii Unicorn offers more storage space than you would think at first glance.


Where to buy beautiful Unicorn backpacks?

Whether you look around in the backpack stores and accessory stores in your neighborhood or browse online: Due to the high trend factor of unicorns, you will find them almost everywhere. The striking advantages of Internet shopping are the huge selection and the fact that you are independent of any opening hours and don't have to squeeze into crowded public places. So it is recommended to search on Kawaii Unicorn for a suitable Unicorn backpack.


The most important facts in brief

  • A Unicorn backpack is a pretty accessory with a positive statement.
  • Unicorn backpacks are designed in a variety of ways to suit every need and taste.
  • The designs are made of materials like cotton or polyester.


About the advantages and disadvantages of a Unicorn backpack

Even though they are highly appreciated by most people and the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages, there are one or two points that speak against buying Unicorn backpacks. Here is an overview of the advantages and disadvantages:

+ Unicorn motif as a great statement that the world needs (more soft fantasy instead of hard reality)
+ almost throughout the beautiful design of the unicorns in bright colors and decorated with rainbows
+ Unicorn backpack with pictured Unicorns clearly stands out from other models in terms of design

- not very suitable for adult women and men due to the generally childlike design
- most backpack designs are stylish accessories rather than robust storage elements

Different design forms of backpacks for every need

Depending on the reason why you want to buy a Unicorn backpack, you can choose from a variety of designs. For example, the currently so trendy gym bags are not only recommended for transporting sportswear, but also for small items that you absolutely must have with you on leisure trips - from your cell phone to your wallet to your water bottle. On the other hand, if you need a "piece of luggage" for your school books or university folders, it is better to use a model that is designed as a classic backpack. The Unicorn backpacks are ideal for kindergarten kids and for adults who want to get out of line in a creative, optimistic, and fun way and who don't need to stow away too much in everyday life.

Materials of Unicorn backpacks briefly introduced

Unicorn backpacks are made of different materials. The gym bags are usually made of cotton, a skin-friendly, and generally very pleasant natural material. For "normal" backpacks, nylon, polyester, or other synthetic fibers are also used, which are characterized by their moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties, among other things. Plush animal backpacks in Unicorn design are made of a special plush material that feels soft and delicate.


With a Unicorn backpack, you have the possibility to carry your fantasy outside - in the truest sense of the word. Because unicorns represent a magical world that knows no sorrow or worry. For many people, it is important to escape to such an "adventure land" every now and then, even if only in spirit. When buying a Unicorn backpack, it is important to consider not only personal tastes but also the desired purpose of use as a criterion: For the everyday transport of books, notebooks, and folders you need a copy with as much storage space as possible. On the other hand, a great Unicorn gym bag is perfectly sufficient for casual leisure time.