Unicorn Dresses

Travel with our unicorn dresses

A unicorn is a legendary being of great beauty, capable of flying through the air, casting spells and galloping without tiring. If you dream of these powers, Kawaii Unicorn offers you unicorn dresses to become like them!

Discover the magical world of unicorns by picking up a dress featuring the mythical horse. Make wishes come true with your magical steed. Whether you're young or old, it's never too late to dream of a fairy world. Twirl around during the whole evening and take advantage of it to spread the good mood and the party everywhere you go!


Beautiful dresses for princesses

Find a large choice of unicorn dresses for girls. Fairies of all colors, with wings of all colors! Be the most beautiful princess with your magical unicorn dress. Rhinestones, sequins, diamonds, enough to amaze your friends and family.
Choose your unicorn dress according to the season: summer unicorn, little fall unicorn and the white ice unicorn. It's up to you to choose according to your favorite colors.

There is no age to dress up as a magic horse. Find our unicorn clothes for adults at low prices! Become the unicorn of the evening thanks to Kawaii Unicorn! For you ladies who have always dreamed of being one, we make your wish come true! Get together with your little girl to be the hit of your fairy-themed party.


Dressing up as a unicorn couldn't be easier

For an ideal tale, the unicorn dress must be perfect! The most famous is of course the Kawaii Unicorn! Discover many products in her image and make your daughter a real little fairy! Find our dresses for the whole family, at low prices.

Enchantment through unicorn accessories

The unicorn princess dress is composed of a range of quality accessories: magical unicorn horn, tiara, tiara, bracelet, skirt and a veil to cover the head!

On Kawaii Unicorn, no unicorn accessory is left to chance! Find unicorn horns in many colors as well as flower crowns. To really enter the fairy world, and to complete your unicorn woman dress, we have selected for you water makeup. Through these colors, dare the colorful, bright and luminous makeup.

Our fairy unicorn dress

For a successful party, think about the decoration for your unicorn party theme! Your preparations include goody bags, invitation cards etc. To find more decorations for a girls' event, please go here. We offer different themes such as animals, jungle and many more.

Our unicorn decoration will make your room as well as your day more beautiful.

Do not hesitate anymore! Go to Kawaii Unicorn to discover the unicorn dresses and the fairy universe that follows!

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