Unicorn Stuffed Animals

It is pink, it glitters, it is a unicorn - and it is more popular than ever. Especially as a unicorn cuddly toy, this fantasy creature from a magical world is not only popular with children, but also with adults.

This guide explains which Unicorn stuffed animals are available and which shapes and qualities are recommended. 

Unicorn Stuffed Animals - The selection

The range of unicorn plushies is extremely large. Unicorns are available in every size. Small models made of fabric are classically suitable as companions for the crib. Older children also enjoy larger versions, such as the Giant Unicorn Stuffed Animal, which can reach heights of up to half a meter. Among teenagers and adults, the oversized models are currently very popular. Stretched out, the giant plush unicorn reaches lengths of over one meter. They are a popular accessory for the living room or bedroom. Due to their size and their extraordinary design like the Unicorn cuddly toy is a real eye-catcher. Whether on the sofa, the bed or the floor, you can snuggle up everywhere. At the same time they are just as suitable for cuddling as the smaller editions, soft and fluffy fabrics provide the right cuddling feeling.


Unicorn Stuffed Animal - Colors and shapes

A real unicorn cuddly toy should be designed in as shrill colors as possible. A rich pink, white fur and additional glittering applications are considered essential. The colors of the rainbow are also associated with the unicorn plush toy and can be found in the mane or tail. Indispensable is of course the single horn standing on the forehead. This too is often in a special color, for example pink or gold.


Unicorn Cuddly Toy - Quality features

As with all toys, the differences in quality of these unicorn stuffed animals are considerable. First of all it is important that only harmless colors and textiles are used. High quality unicorn soft toys are made of natural materials, the cover for example of cotton. In second place is the processing quality. It is good if the shape of the unicorn is clearly visible and all seams are symmetrical. Unicorn cuddly toys are not suitable for small children, as small plastic parts can fall off and be swallowed. This applies especially to sequins and other glittering details.

Where can you buy a Unicorn Plush?

Because of their growing popularity, unicorns are now often found in local Unicorn toy stores and furniture stores. However, the largest selection of different cuddly toys is still available on the Internet as well as here on Kawaii Unicorn. We provide the whole range of small to large unicorn cuddly toys. Also in terms of colors there is the largest selection.

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