Unicorn Rings

A unicorn ring is a fascinating piece of jewelry and a special gift for yourself or for your best friends or relatives.

Hardly anyone can escape the mythical magic being and a ring can become a source of power for its wearer. Positive qualities such as wisdom, gentleness, goodness, and grace are associated with the unicorn. A ring, as a special piece of jewelry, signals the close connection of its wearer with these values and the unicorn to the outside world. From cute children's jewelry to extravagant gold or silver jewelry for adults, a unicorn ring has a particularly magical symbolic power for every wearer or presentee.


Buy a unicorn ring

The selection of unicorn rings is extremely diverse. For children, unicorn rings are often made of silver-plated or gold-plated metal with small colorful enameled figures or similar. But there are also some rings made of real 925 sterling silver for children and teenagers. Rings for adults made of real silver or gold can be very elaborate and pictorially designed or a little more simple with noble unicorn engravings. Especially artistic, pictorial, and detailed are eye-catching gift rings made with precious gemstones. The oval colored gemstones often feature particularly artistic images of the magical mythical creature from the world of myths.


Unicorn ring for kids

Nearly every girl as a child or teenager is a beautiful unicorn ring a great joy. The beautifully designed rings with the favorite mythical creature made of colorful enamel, plastic, or similar material, are a very popular birthday present for children or teenagers or a gift for any other occasion. The fascinating magic and the cheerful appearance of a small sweet unicorn makes the hearts of children and teenagers beat faster.


Unicorn ring and jewelry sets for children and teenagers

The cute jewelry sets for young girls consist of matching pieces of jewelry, such as a ring, a necklace with pendant, and earrings. With such a unicorn jewelry set, your little princess, whom you might want to surprise with such a beautiful gift, is immediately complete and perfectly equipped.


Sterling silver unicorn ring for adults

Unicorn rings for adults are often made of 925 sterling silver. The often very beautiful artistic, extravagant and plastic rings can be worn to a large extent by women and men alike. But also simple rings with unicorn engravings are available for adults. So the special protective spirit can be worn with every outfit in a more inconspicuous but still noble way.



What does a unicorn ring symbolize?

The unicorn ring as a special sign of loyalty and connection to the magical mythical creature. No other piece of jewelry symbolizes these values to his beloved mythical creature and protective spirit as much as a unicorn ring.


What types of unicorn rings are available?

For a unicorn fan - no matter if child, teenager, or adult - a unicorn ring is always a very special gift and an occasion for great joy. The selection of unicorn rings made of different materials, such as precious metals, enamels, gold-plated and silver-plated metals, and more, is quite large for children's rings as well as for teenage and adult unicorn fans. Possible are also individualized unicorn rings, as they are offered by some manufacturers on Kawaii Unicorn or real unique pieces made by jewelers and designers. There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to unique pieces made by jewelers or jewelry designers. However, the production of a very valuable piece of jewelry made of precious metals and gemstones is then reflected in its price.


How much does a unicorn ring cost?

Unicorn rings, for example as children's toys made of plastic or metal and presents for birthdays or similar, can be bought at cheap prices. The price is determined by various characteristics, such as whether it is a children's ring or an adult ring, which material and quality the ring is made of, whether it is a branded product or even a custom-made product by a jeweler. Simple rings made of metal or even sterling silver are available at good prices. Unicorn rings made of precious metals, such as gold and the like, or very artistic rings, such as unicorn signet rings, are available at higher prices. With special productions and unique pieces from the jeweler, for example from precious metals with precious stones, there are almost no limits to the price.


How to take care of your unicorn ring?

The care of a unicorn ring depends on the material used. All rings should be cleaned with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the sensitive surfaces. Some gold- or silver-plated rings, for example, those with an enamel coating, can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth and a little washing-up liquid. Silver rings tend to turn black with time and even rings made of real gold can have dirt on them, which can make the ring look dull. These rings should be cleaned at certain intervals with appropriate care products, such as in a silver or gold bath.


The most important facts in brief

Unicorn Rings should be bought age-appropriate, flexible resizing of the rings can also be advantageous for adult rings.

For each unicorn fan in each age, you can find a suitable unicorn ring, particularly valuable are unicorn rings from genuine gold or other precious metals as well as unicorn ring unique specimens, for example, Kawaii Unicorn offers a various offer of cute unicorn rings.

The unicorn advent calendar with contained unicorn ring is a special gift tip for the Christmas season.

You should buy a unicorn ring appropriate for your age. When buying a ring for kids, keep in mind that very young children may swallow toys or injure themselves if the ring has sharp edges. For this reason, children should be at least 4 years old or slightly older before you give them a unicorn ring. Because children's fingers grow, the unicorn ring should be adjustable in size. Also for Unicorn Rings for adults the possibility of a flexible size change can be advantageous. The circumference of the fingers can change over time, for example, if you gain or lose weight. Thus the unicorn ring can be easily adjusted to the respective finger circumferences to enjoy the unicorn ring for a long time.

Gold Unicorn ring or other precious metals

Gold is one of the most valuable precious metals. A unicorn ring made of real gold is a very special gift. In many legends and fairy tales about this magical creature from another world, the unicorn's horn of pure gold or silver is described. The precious metal gold is also said to have healing and magical powers. With a unicorn ring made of gold or other precious metals, the wearer of the ring is surrounded by the protective power of the unicorn and gold. When buying a unicorn ring made of real gold you should pay attention to the gold content. Gold is a very soft metal and is mixed with other harder metals for stability. However, the higher the percentage of gold the ring is made of, such as 333 gold or 565 gold, the more valuable the unicorn ring is.