Unicorn Earrings

Unicorn earrings, a fabulous piece of jewelry to enhance your princess style.

Unicorns are fabulous creatures that have been inspiring children and adults not only since the emotional film "The Last Unicorn". They symbolize a world of peace - far away from sorrow and worry. Many manufacturers of accessories and other items take advantage of the popularity of the horned horses and offer fans of these beautiful animals great productions. Among the most beautiful and sought-after items are unicorn earrings. This guide is dedicated to the special pieces of jewelry, in which you will find helpful tips on how to buy the precious elements and put them into practice. Discover the different types and designs of Unicorn earrings and find your new everyday companions!


Why buy Unicorn Earrings

Whether girls or young women: a lot of people are magically attracted to unicorns and their thoroughly positive message. No wonder that feminine accessories like unicorn earrings are very popular. Would you like to buy the appropriate accessories? Then first think about what the jewelry should look like: The selection of jewels available includes everything from simple fashion jewelry to models made of real sterling silver. You also have the choice between ear studs, earrings, and hoop earrings. Benefit from the information in this article to finally buy the unicorn earrings you like best!


Sterling silver Unicorn earrings

Unicorn earrings marked "925 Sterling Silver" are among the highest quality designs you can buy. They are made of real silver and therefore much more durable than cheap jewelry.

Ear studs earrings

In her search for unicorn earrings, she encounters mainly ear studs. These are pulled through your ear holes and then closed with a cap. Conveniently, the caps are always included.

Cute unicorn earrings

Possible alternatives to ear studs are earrings. The optical difference is that the unicorn motive of ear studs sticks directly to the ear, whereas the motive of earrings - as the name suggests - hangs down. In addition, earrings are not secured with a cap but are virtually closed in on themselves.

Unicorn Hoop Earrings 

The so-called hoop earrings are ring-shaped earrings, which you can imagine to be a bit like donuts. If you are interested in unicorn hoop earrings, you will find it at Kawaii Unicorn



What makes Unicorn earrings so special?

The joy that Unicorn earrings bring is largely due to the trendy character of the horned horses. In fact, these mythical creatures have been very popular and in demand for some years now. They have the potential to get people out of the increasingly harsh reality and to transport them to an idyllic fairyland where good humor is the order of the day. Unicorns represent the intact world that many long for. Therefore it is not surprising that among other products with the animals also unicorn earrings are gladly bought and carried.

What materials are used to craft earrings?

For the production of unicorn earrings, we primarily use 925 sterling silver. This means that the corresponding ear studs, earrings, and hoop earrings consist of 92.5 percent real silver and only 7.5 percent other metals (mostly copper). The advantages of the material are the noble optics and the high quality - unicorn earrings made of sterling silver go along with a long life span. Pure costume jewelry is usually made of stainless steel. Furthermore, the market offers unicorn earrings, which are mainly made of robust brass.

Tip: The few unicorn earrings with gold refinement are worth mentioning.

Where can I buy Unicorn earrings?

Unicorn earrings are available in many jewelry and accessory stores. So you can definitely have a look around in the stores of your hometown. If you are looking for a large selection, it is recommended to browse online. Kawaii Unicorn offers you several advantages: You don't have to drive to the local stores with crowded public transport. Furthermore, you are not dependent on any opening hours - because online stores never close. Therefore the advice: Take a half or a full hour and search the internet for unicorn earrings!

The most important facts in brief

There are precious unicorn earrings for every hair type and all style preferences.

Thanks to the great design variety you will find models that will fulfill your wishes.

Unicorn earrings can be complemented with other Unicorn accessories.

The advantages and disadvantages of unicorn earrings

Given their enormous popularity, it is clear that Unicorn earrings have more advantages than disadvantages. Nevertheless, in the following, besides the pros, the contras will be briefly explained:

+ Most of the Unicorn earrings are made of 925 Sterling Silver
+ the variety of designs (models available to suit every taste)
+ Unicorn theme has a wonderful meaning (tolerance, freedom, the joy of life)
+ earrings in unicorn look stand out clearly from other designs

- most designs are more suitable for girls than young women

Stud earrings vs hoop earrings featuring unicorns

Depending on whether you want to show off your unicorn earrings in the right way or if you want to appear more discreet as a unicorn admirer, certain types are recommended. In the first case, earrings or distinctive hoop earrings are the optimal choices. On the other hand, ear studs are a bit more reduced. Especially if you have short hair and you do not want the unicorn earrings to dominate your outfit, you would be well advised to use earrings decorated with the shape of a horned horse. If you have long, open hair, small plugs are too much in the background. Here simple earrings or hoop earrings are to be preferred. Despite your long hair, you are keen on buying and wearing earrings in a unicorn look? Then tie your mane into a braid or bun!

Different kinds of Unicorn earrings

The variety of designs of unicorn earrings is huge. Classical designs in silver and white or with a golden finish are available as well as color variations with portions in pink, pink, purple, turquoise, blue, or another color. Furthermore, you will find earrings with unicorns sitting on a rainbow. As lovers of mythical creatures, you probably know that the horned horses rarely appear without the atmospheric phenomenon. Especially great are the unicorn earrings with sparkling glitter or inserts made of crystal or glass.

What to wear with unicorn earrings

In order to have a suitable storage place for your unicorn earrings, it is advisable to add a ring holder and/or a jewelry bowl. There are even unicorns versions. Also, unicorn necklaces or bracelets can be combined wonderfully with the earrings.


If you want to symbolically escape the stress and worries of real life, Unicorn earrings are the right jewelry for you. Make sure you buy good quality earrings so that your plugs, pendants, or hoops will last a long time. Sterling silver versions are ideal!