Unicorn Jewelry

The unicorn jewelry inspires young and old. The unicorn is a highly symbolic animal from the world of myths and fables. It is considered to be particularly royal and wise.

As popular as never before: The unicorn jewelry

The unicorn theme has become an absolute trend worldwide in just a few months. Meanwhile, this enchanting fantasy creature with its colorful appearance and radiated peace and friendliness adorns millions of people. Not only children are fascinated by the cute animal, but also more and more adults underline their enthusiasm for the cute animal by buying and wearing accessories featuring unicorns.

Which unicorn jewelry is available?

For your wrist there are especially robust leather bracelets in origami style. These bracelets are usually very graphic and produced in laser-cut art. Wearing such a bracelet gives a particularly cool and modern impression of the wearer. If you are a unicorn fan and want a piece of colorful unicorn jewelry in rainbow colors, you should choose a beautiful pendant that depicts a unicorn and emphasizes its look colorful.

Suitable for attaching such a pendant is especially long chains and brooches. Wearers who prefer a more mystical look in black and red can be recommended to wear a long chain made of gold or stainless steel. The strong unicorn pendant is guaranteed to enhance every chain and make it unmistakable. A complete unicorn style can be rounded off with colorful and eye-catching unicorn earrings.

Which material is unicorn jewelry made of?

Silver or gold unicorn necklaces can be very elegant and enhance any outfit. Young wearers are recommended to wear jewelry made of acrylic or wood because they are especially fashionable and emphasize the youthful look. Especially in combination with leather bracelets, wearing these pieces is suitable for everyday use. If you decide to wear very extravagant, eye-catching, and colorful unicorn jewelry, you should put on a piece of jewelry and accentuate this as a highlight of your entire outfit.

Wearing several large and eye-catching pieces of jewelry will quickly give you an extravagant impression and the whole look will remind you of a costume. So you should either wear only one large piece of jewelry and otherwise completely do without jewelry or even glittering clothes or combine the large piece of jewelry with a discreet gold or silver chain. Especially with colorful and large pieces, you should therefore consider the saying "less is more".

If you want to buy Unicorn Jewelry

Usually more and more unicorn jewelry is available. The selection here is simply amazing. You can buy this type of accessories in fashion jeweler's stores, in department stores, in boutiques, or in numerous internet stores. This huge selection is guaranteed to have the right jewel for your own style and your purse. With the jewelry there are both unicorn necklaces or dazzling rings, which represent colorful Unicorn designs and are a real eye-catcher in everyday life, as well as subtle motifs, such as small silver pendants for chains.

The prices can vary very much. Jewels for children, which are usually eye-catching fashion jewelry, are usually available for a few dollars. If the mother or older sister decides to buy a simple silver or gold chain with a discreet unicorn pendant, it may cost a little more.

DIY Unicorn jewelry

You can also make your own unicorn jewels without any problem. On the Internet, you will find many instructions on this subject. On Youtube, in particular, the offer of tutorials is huge. In spite of the instructions, there are no limits to your creativity and with all kinds of colorful beads, colored sand, or feathers, you can transform any jewel you already own into unicorn jewelry with which you will certainly attract all eyes. Or why not a unicorn headband for the next children's birthday party? Or a bracelet!

You can get an old beaded bracelet, get a new thread and add beads with the magic horse's effigy. You can also design a unicorn, but for that, you need the talents of a jeweler.

Your unicorn bracelet is now ready and you can wear it proudly on your wrist. As far as the colors are concerned there are no limits to your creativity, even if we advise you to opt for the rainbow. This is the guarantee that you can attract all (envious) eyes with your self-made jewelry! 

Here is an example of a tutorial that you can easily find on YouTube:


The unicorn is currently the number one fashion trend. If you want to demonstrate your love for this fancy creature, you can wear unicorn jewelry. These shiny accessories can always be worn in a simple and elegant way or trendy and fanciful, depending on your tastes and the occasion. As this kind of jewelry is not necessarily expensive, buying is easily possible for young and old. In any case, the offer is enormous and it is up to you to decide!

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