Unicorn Rugs

We are proud to show you our Unicorn Rugs designed for babies and children also! Toddlers are very fond of unicorn mats because they can be used as a playground or as a place to develop their senses.

A unicorn rug for the bedroom

When it comes to designing a children's room, the only limit is the power of fantasy. And luckily, your kids have a lot of imagination!
Usually, they prefer bright colors and magical patterns. And what better way to decorate the floor of your daughter's room than with a unicorn rug?
To decorate the walls you can also hang a unicorn painting, your little ones will enjoy it. Or you can make the room even more magical by adding unicorn lamps!


Embellish your home with a magic horse carpet

Unicorn living room rugs are soft, non-slip and perfect to keep your feet warm on a smooth, comfortable surface like carpeting.

As magical creatures inspire young and older, the horned horse might fit nicely in your living room to add a touch of enchantment. This beautiful ornament is a perfect match for unicorn clocks.

Our mats will give your living space a fantastic look in a flash. The reason? Because they have the power to change the whole vibe of a room just by their presence. Owning a such accessory will transform any room into an enchanted meadow!


How to choose the right mat?

Of course, it is important to have a beautiful colored carpet, but it is also important to check the quality of materials used. We will give you some advice for your choice:

What material is the back of your carpet made of? At Kawaii Unicorn, we offer rugs with polyester backing. They are soft, resistant, non-slippery, and sturdy at the same time.

However, be careful that your child does not chew on the mat, as PVC is a material that should not be ingested due to the plasticizers it contains.

When cleaning, consider the type of material.

If your carpet is of modest size, made of cotton or synthetic fibers, machine washing is possible.

Likewise, if the backing is PVC, you can choose to machine wash (about 30-40°C or 85-105°F).

However, if you choose a vinyl backing, your carpet will need to be shaken out. If the stain persists, carpet foam or a gentle hand-cleaning will do the trick.