Unicorn Slippers

When the summer is over and slowly but surely winter is coming, it gets colder and colder and the layer of clothes gets thicker and thicker. Unicorn slippers have to go!

Warm feet are especially important at this time of year, which is why you can buy all kinds of Unicorn socks again. But let's be honest: Do you prefer thick socks or Unicorn slippers?

Why are Unicorn slippers so trendy?

Because these slippers not only look extremely stylish, they also provide much more warmth than simple socks could ever do. They create a unique feeling of comfort, which is hard to beat in terms of coziness. They are fluffy soft and keep your toes warm on cold days due to the thick layer, while at the same time they are a real eye-catcher. But these Unicorn slippers are no ordinary slippers, no! For children, they are both toe warmers and toys and can therefore be mistaken for "stuffed animals" and used for cuddling and playing. But they are not only popular with the smaller ones, but cute unicorn slippers are also very popular with the older age groups due to their mix of functionality and extravagance. These shoes have absolutely no disadvantages. You should only be careful with babies, as they like to put everything that can be reached with their short sleeves into their mouths. Therefore, always make sure to keep the shoes out of reach when not in use.

Which Unicorn slippers are available?

There are not only "the" unicorn plush shoes. Tastes are different, as we all know, and so there is a huge selection of shoes printed with mythical creatures in the world of unicorns. Whether white or rather typical pink, with big doe eyes or rather discreet. The slippers in unicorn style are available in many different variations and therefore represent a growing fashion trend 2017. As if these plush unicorn slippers were not already a highlight in themselves, there are of course also in this area constantly new developments. For a while now there are unicorn slippers with leather. Glowing Unicorn slippers are another must for every Unicorn fan! They convey a feeling of magic and additionally provide warm toes, which is unique in this combination. The LEDs are also not too penetrating, quite the contrary. The lights are hidden under the fabric so that the light effect is somewhat dampened. This creates a cozy environment wherever you are. Another effect is the fact that the LEDs are caused by sensors that are only activated when there is movement. This means that the shoes only light up when you move. Simply magical!

What material are Unicorn house slippers made of?

The Unicorn shoes are made of super comfortable and soft terry cloth. But of course, there are also variations. Some of them come on the market with an additional synthetic fur. This increases the "cuddly" level even more. And if you think that one day is enough, you are wrong. After all, the house patches are not only good for walking across the cold floor between the living room and the house entrance. You can also wear them as an additional source of heat when you are lying comfortably on the sofa in the living area, wrapped in a unicorn blanket. Then the unicorn slippers don't feel alone and the comfort factor is raised once again. Of course, safety also plays an important role. Especially the smaller creatures of this earth are often inclined to somehow get rid of their overflowing energy. Where the extensive garden is used in summer, the interior of the apartment, unfortunately, has to be used in winter for a spontaneous sprint or the catch-me game. To ensure that these activities can be practiced without danger, the slippers are equipped with a non-slip sole. These enable carefree activities from A to B. Matching the Unicorn slippers is of course also the Unicorn pajamas, where you can laze around in them all day on Sundays 

Where can you buy Unicorn plush slippers?

These fluffy slippers can now be bought almost anywhere. The best place to find it is Kawaii Unicorn. There you can choose between two types. On the one hand, both new and used shoes are available for purchase. On the other hand, you get the opportunity to sell for example unicorn shoes for children if the feet of the little ones have become too big. As you can see, these fluffy shoes have already taken over the whole market - and rightly so.

Unicorn shoes as the ideal alternative to socks

Not only women and girls enjoy these popular foot warmers, but also men are rid of the suffering problem of having to constantly warm the cold feet of the adored ones. And what goes better with unicorn socks or a unicorn t-shirt than super fluffy unicorn shoes? Absolute recommendation to buy! The complete range of Einhorn slippers can be found on our website.