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Kpop Unicorn Shirt


The Kpop has been very trendy for a few years now, like a mythical creature that I won't name (it's the unicorn). Fashion combined with ancientness gives you eternity, so take this shirt (which unfortunately is not eternal).

  • 3D HD design: direct digital printing

  • Anti-friction: maximum comfort, ultra soft material

  • Composition : 100% Polyester, High Quality Cotton with strong fibers

  • Machine washable : 85° F (30° C)

  • 🦄 Don't forget to refer to the sizing guide! As the T-Shirt fits quite small, we advise you to choose 1 to 2 sizes above your usual size as a pledge of security.🦄

    • If you are looking for usage tips, visit the unicorn shirts page, you will find answers to your questions.
    • The processing of your order, the manufacture of the products and the delivery (free of charge) take 10 working days. In case of very high demand, the delivery time can be from 2 to 4 weeks. We make every effort to ensure that you receive your order as quickly as possible, without compromising the quality of our goods.