Blue Unicorn Slippers

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What is needed in life," explained the father, sipping his coffee, "is the ability to move forward and go far (maybe with some blue unicorn slippers). It's being strong enough not to kneel down at the slightest obstacle.

Having enough intelligence to understand that men and women are equal.
The children looked at him and said, "What you mean is that all children must have unicorn slippers, "You've got it all figured out," replied their surprised (but very proud) father.

He soon realized that his children didn't have blue unicorn slippers, but from their description, he felt obliged to buy a pair for each of them.

What this father had forgotten to say was that in life, it is also necessary to be generous because :

  • They are easy to put on, in a second, it's done and you can go around the world (or around the house, let's start small).

  • No risk of falling, thanks to their non-slip soles...

  • We can lend them to each other as brothers and sisters because unicorns are unisex!

  • They are ultra soft and can be washed by hand by moms and dads (task sharing for stains).

  • We advise you to take your usual size

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