Dabbing Unicorn

by Jessica Miller March 25, 2020

Dabbing Unicorn

For some time now, the trend of dab has spread to the screen world and has even become part of everyday life. Indeed, it has now become unavoidable! Everyone makes this gesture, whether artists, sportsmen and women, film stars, dancers, and even unicorns.

Although it may seem paradoxical, dabbing unicorn 🦄 is not new. It has been around for a few years now, and it continues to be successfully emulated.


Old Woman doing the dab


No matter where you are, whether in the cinema, on clothes or accessories, seeing a unicorn dab is part of everyday life.  Would it be the result of the fairy tale alone? It is worth thinking about! But where does this movement come from?  Why has it developed so quickly? And why did the unicorns borrow this gesture from the arms (although they have legs)? Where to find the unicorn that dab?  And above all, what can we do to catch this wonderful trend?

If like many people, you are interested in some of these issues, you've come to the right site. 

Thus, we are going to make you discover in a few words the hidden foundations of the dab and its emergence in the movement of the unicorn, as well as the influence of this unique phenomenon in everyday life and finally the best accessories proposed for the dabbing unicorn.


dabbing unicorn products



The dab first became popular with the basketball player Dee Brown in 1991. In fact, this player from the Boston Celtics team was the earliest to realize this move, which was called the no-look dunk at the time during the NBA Slam dunk contest in 1991.

Dee Brown Dab

However, according to some people, the dab comes from Atlanta, the hip-hop scene, and can also be seen as a reference to Dragon Ball Z's The Ginyu Force, despite some controversy.


The dab movement is now so popular that it is a move that everyone is familiar with, at least those who are interested in the most recent fashion trends. That trick has reappeared in America in a group of RAP (Migos), this two-armed gesture is now a worldwide tendency.


Migos Dab


In Europe, it gained popularity due to the celebrities who took it over. Notably, Paul Pogba and Jesse Lingard the two Manchester United players, as well as some movie stars and singers who have used it a lot.


Dabbing Pogba


The success of this dance movement, which has been adopted by the dabbing unicorn in recent years, has attracted a lot of comments. While some see it as a simple, fun dance movement, for others it has become a true community symbol.

Thus, in some popular circles, from America to Oceania, through Africa and Asia, it is used to evoke freedom, joy, and youth. 


The dab is popular


We can use the dab as a signal, for example, "We are magic", "we are in solidarity", or to share an emotion. No matter what, this gesture of the arm has become a standard and continues to be displayed regularly on-screen.



It can be seen that the style of the dabbing unicorn is actually more recent than the dab itself. Currently, this movement has been popularized by unicorn fans and then by clothing designers. Now, to see so many unicorns making this gesture on t-shirts or other dab accessories is absolutely wonderful!


What's that for? Firstly because of the effect of the mythical animal on our hearts, and secondly because of the joy and pleasure it generates. Indeed, who wouldn't be happy to have a unicorn with a rainbow mane, with a twisted horn printed on his hoodie or on a sweater representing the legendary horse!


Fashion Unicorn


It's nothing new, wearing a unicorn shirt is magical. After all, beyond the casual aspect of this outfit, it helps us to be pure and light. What's the reason? Because the white horse with the distinctive pearly horn is a symbol of purity in many cultures.



Men like women, big like small, putting on unicorn onesies creates a special feeling in us. 

It's not difficult to guess the reason, indeed, this horse is universal, and all morphologies are adapted to it.

We can mention for example the Pegasus, the unicorn, or other animals whose morphology is similar to that of our favorite horse.

This explains why the expression "I do what I want, I'm a unicorn" is so popular.



Dabbing unicorns are amazing, there are several reasons for this:

✔️ First of all, because this being is special, it gives us the feeling of being unique and distinguishes us from the rest of the herd! "Be a unicorn in a field of horses"


From a symbolic point of view, the unicorn dab can change the nature of any person. Its bright pastel colors attract everyone's attention, the legendary mount gives us superpowers worthy of the greatest fairy tales. If the unicorn's clothes are so appreciated, it is not by chance.

✔️ Let's add that this perfectly symbolizes the chic and distinguished side that exists in each of us and that these clothes are pleasant to wear.


Who doesn't like to have fun when they can? Since our earliest childhood, we have been captivated by fun things; we like to play big games with enchanted things. To justify the animal instincts we allow to express themselves, answering "I'm a unicorn!" is easy and funny.

Who can blame those who like to pretend to be a unicorn?  No one! As long as our wardrobe has accessories of that special creature in it, we can do as we wish!


✔️ In conclusion, because turning into a mythical horse is the goal of a lifetime...


Despite the fact that the unicorn is a ubiquitous and beloved animal, the dabbing unicorn is not as widespread as we might think. Actually, only fans of the legendary horse have appropriated this emblem to themselves. Therefore, there is nothing better than wearing a dabbing unicorn print to show its uniqueness. This way, you can assert yourself while remaining free, unique and trendy!

Everyone will want to follow your unique clothing style. You will inspire your friends with your power of attraction!


Animated dabbing unicorn gif



As if being in every movie wasn't enough, unicorns have taken over the fashion world. Smooth and cozy, the accessories representing the iconic animal have added a little bit of enchantment to our apparel. For bedtime, going to the beach or for more festive events, the colorful unicorn will complete your style with brio (hoodies, leggings, shirts, and clothes that will suit most people).



What is the most popular item of clothing in the world? It's hard to say, but the unicorn dab shirt is certainly one of the most fashionable. 

There's nothing like this garment to let your inner magic escape, opt for example for a woman's t-shirt or a man's t-shirt, with long or short sleeves. If you add a dabbing unicorn, the result is truly Dantesque!


dabbing unicorn stuff


I will now reveal the way to become a mythical animal: just put on an original t-shirt decorated with a dabbing unicorn.

By being a unicorn, you will be able to reign on the meadow, a bit like a princess in her magnificent castle, this transformation will make you a pure and free being. Let's add to this that if you love your loved ones, offering an illustrated shirt is a great unicorn gift idea.

To offer it is still well it is necessary that the gift is appropriate to the one who will receive it, for that choose meticulously the size and the color of the clothing!

In general, women prefer bright colors, why not choose a pink t-shirt? But keep in mind that there are exceptions! 
Women always have good taste, they like things that are both beautiful and soft, so the material of the garment is important, so choosing an organic cotton shirt is a perfect choice. 

Men are generally less looking, a gray short-sleeved t-shirt, a v-neck can do the trick, in the choice of design, the most important thing is that the gift is in line with the clothing style of the person you are giving it to.

Let's not forget the kids, they can afford to wear more casual clothes than we can. If they are already a little older, a light grey or sober colored t-shirt will be enough to satisfy them. The most important thing is the unicorn dab! It is possible to check the color of their favorite toys before you make up your mind, or you can even ask them directly!



Opting for a shirt is fantastic! But on cold winter nights, it may not be enough, especially if you like to stay warm. Unicorn fans who want to spend fairy-tale nights will definitely need pajamas. Most of the time composed of organic cotton, these clothes made for men and women will bring you softness and comfort during your nights.


In addition, you can also choose a cozy and fanciful unicorn onesie.

In addition, you can opt for comfortable and fancy unicorn onesies. As long as they suit your style, those with a dabbing unicorn are an excellent choice! 
Moreover, as with t-shirts, if you want to spread the joy of wearing a special unicorn outfit, this garment may be a nice gift idea for your loved ones.

Unicorn onesie gif



The unicorn dabbing is plural, it is declined in several types of clothing or accessories. If you wish, it is possible to have leggings, sweatshirts, jackets and even slippers with the effigy of the magic horse!

For lovers of colorful things, there are accessories for every occasion. Day or night, wearing a colorful unicorn outfit provides a good mood, it makes you different and allows you to diffuse the joy in your surroundings. Not to mention the main thing, you stay up-to-date and completely in vogue.



The elegance of the mythical stallion can be enjoyed in various ways, just like telephone covers or wall decorations. For example, you can choose the unicorn's printed phone case and enchant the people around you.

If you're more of a visual type, you can display a dabbing unicorn on the walls of your room. With great power comes great responsibility, so remember that once you've decided to become a legendary unicorn, you're free to do whatever you want! Because unicorns don't have responsibilities!

Funny unicorn dab



Appeared in the United States as a simple symbol of representation, the dab has become a viral phenomenon throughout the world.

In sport

Dabbing means something else: expressing intense joy and sharing it with those who are watching you. This phenomenon was first observed in American football, where a player who has scored a superb touchdown decides to make this arm movement to celebrate his achievement. This was later taken up by French footballer Paul Pogba. Dab's popularity did not stop there! It is invading the football world. (or soccer call it whatever you want, in Italy it's called calcio)

Dabbing Snoop Dogg

In politics

In the US, Hillary Clinton described the dab as a powerful political instrument. A tool that helps her not only to establish her relationship with the youthful people but also to reach out to the African-American voters.

In the music

In music, the dab is before all else a basic dance step, which is easy to perform, even by the youngest ones. If the phenomenon of the unicorn dab has been so successful, it is mostly due to the simplicity of the gesture. No need to be a skilled dancer to achieve this step. As a rule of thumb, just remember to make both arms horizontal.


Finally, the unicorn dab is not a universal sign. Each person can freely interpret it as they wish. But remember that it is a symbol of happiness that expresses joy. Feel free to use it to celebrate your emotional moments 🤗 and to transmit a good mood around you. If you want to complete your look, you can also use the unicorn's accessories or print it on your clothes (round-neck T-shirt, V-neck T-shirt ...). This concept has no limits and is suitable for men, women, and children.

dabbing unicorn items

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