Unicorn Jokes for Kids and Adults! 🦄

by Jessica Miller March 18, 2020

Unicorn Jokes

The unicorn is well known as the funniest and legendary animal in the world. Through this site, we have already presented you with a lot of hilarious unicorn things and unicorn gifs, and now we are going to show you some unicorn jokes for kids. You don't need to be worried about the content, because this compilation is appropriate for everyone, parents and even the youngest kids.


This type of amusing unicorn joke will certainly make everyone who appreciates laughing. Unicorn-themed parties are especially popular, so don't forget to include funny jokes!  🦄


Unicorn jokes, questions, and answers!


"What's the difference between" Unicorn jokes


1) Q: How to distinguish Justin Bieber and a unicorn? 

A: One is a supernatural being that can be seen in the fantasies of young ladies, and the second is a simple unicorn.


2) Q: How is an honest politician different from a unicorn?

A: In nothing, they are both imaginary beings.


Donald Trump Unicorn


3) Q: How do you differentiate a unicorn from a carrot?

A: The first is a funny beast while the second is a bunny feast!


Unicorn puns & riddles


4) Q: How do you call a creepy unicorn?

A: A nightmare.


5) Q: Have you ever heard of the unicorn having a negative mentality?

A: It always says neigh.


6) Q: What kind of story is appropriate to tell a fleeing unicorn?

A: A tale of whoa!


7) Q: I found the address of the unicorn, guess what street it's from

A: It is located on Mane Street.


8) Q: What happens if you merge a cow and a unicorn?

A: Horned beef


Unicorn Meat


9) Q: For breakfast, what do unicorns like to eat?

A: Lucky charms.


10) Q: What is a hornless unicorn?

A: A simple horse.


11) Q: For what reason did the unicorn cross the street?

A: Simply for the purpose of meeting his neighbors.


12) Q: What happens if you mix a unicycle and an ear of corn?

A: The result is a unicorn.


13) Q: After putting on too much mascara, the unicorn's eyelashes became huge, what do the other horses call her?

A: U-ni-brow.


14) Q: The best student at Unicorn High School has a nickname, guess what it is!

A: The A corn.


15) Q: When Mommy is away, the unicorns have to call Daddy, how do they say?

A: Hey popcorn!


16) Q: The army called the unicorn for what reason does it refuse to enlist?

A: Wearing a unif-horn isn't really its thing!


17) Q: In the country of unicorns, we use one type of currency, which one?

A: Cornbread


18) Q: During a barbecue, a meal was served by the legendary horse, guess which one.

A: Unicorn on the cob (photo)


19) Q: Unicorns come from the United States, what state are they from?

A: The Ma(i)ne.


20) Q: Like humans, unicorns like stupid jokes, why?

A: Only for the reason that they're (uni)corny.


21) Q: When the weather is nice, how do unicorns go to the park?

A: They ride on (uni)cycles.


22) Q: What black and white thing, has the same diet as a unicorn?

A: The zebra



23) Q: Unicorns always tell the truth, why?

A: They don't say bull(shit)


24) Q: On weekends, what do unicorn moms cook?

A: (Uni)Corn cookies


25) Q: When unicorns want to relax, they listen to polkas, do you know why?

A: Because they love the sound of (uni)ccordions.


26) Q: While walking through a garden, the unicorn came across a tomato, what did it say?

A: "U No Corn!"


27) Q: Why does the unicorn play the guitar as well as Jimmy Hendrix?

A: Because she's mastered all the (uni)chords


28) Q: Why do unicorns get along with fairies in the forest?

A: Because they are quiet neighbors!


Unicorn And Fairy



29) Q: When she goes to the bakery the unicorn orders?

A: Strawberry tart!


30) Q: At breakfast, what do unicorns usually bring on bread?

A: Strawberry marmalade!


31) Q: The farmer unicorn likes to display her autumn crop, what does she use?
A: A (horn)ucopia!


32) Q: During Thanksgiving, the unicorns use a specific type of bread, which one?

A: Cornbread!


33) Q: Unicorns are usually grateful, but for what this time?

A: Glitter!



34) Q: While she's partying with her friend the Pegasus, what does the unicorn eat?

A: Corn flakes!


35) Q: The hummingbird has given a nickname to the unicorn that spends all his time on twitter, which one?

A: Twitt(icorn)!


36) Q: Mama unicorn punished her daughter, she's locked in her room, why?

A: Because she kept horsing around!


37) Q: The orange and the unicorn have one main difference, which one?

A: First, squeeze it hard, you normally will get orange juice, otherwise, this is a unicorn!


38) Q: When they celebrate Christmas, unicorns receive candies from their reindeer friends, which ones?

A: Horned(mints)!


39) Q: Last Halloween, the unicorn disguised himself as another animal, can you guess which one?

A: As a rhin(horned) !



40) Q: What is the answer to an impatient unicorn?

A: I beg you, hold your horses!


41) Q: What's the unicorn's favorite necklace?

A: The rain(boa)!



42) Q: After the storm, the unicorn ran away, guess where?

A: 🎵 "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" 🎵



43) Q: Little riddle, what we're looking for has a horn that doesn't buzz.

A: An old car, or rather a unicorn!


44) Q: Why did the unicorn wake up suddenly last night?

A: Because she had an awful nightmare!

45) Q: During the fancy dress party, the horses preferred to disguise themselves as pegasus, why?

A: They were afraid of looking uni-corny!


46) Q: What is the equivalent of oil used by unicorns?

A: Glitter!


47) Q: Besides garlands, what else do unicorns use to decorate their Xmas trees?

A: Horn-aments!


48) Q: The unicorn lost her tail, so she went to look for one in a special place, which one?

A: The fairy re-tail store! 


49) Q: The unicorn usually appreciates colors, what's his favorite?

A: Rainb-horn


50) Q: What is doing a unicorn that wakes up in the middle of the night to eat?

A: Pasturing the glitter!


51) Q: Unicorns are sporty and like to gallop, but what do they prefer?

A: Endurance racing and mare-athons!


52) Q: Is it possible to guess if a unicorn came to your house while you were away?

A: Of course, you will find glitter and rainbows all over your house!


53) Q: What's a unicorn that survived influenza?

A: An imm-unicorn!


Other funny jokes about unicorns


54) Last time, a buddy of mine came over and told me I was hallucinating...
I almost slipped off my unicorn!


55) After a wonderful feast, Chuck Norris used the words "I could eat a horse" for the first time, the problem was that he had just consumed all the unicorns in the world...


chuck norris unicorn


56) Unicorns do exist, but they're simply chubby, gray, and we call them rhinos.


57) I've never seen a unicorn horse around, she goes straight to essentials!


58) This is the story of the unicorn who comes to a bar and asks for a large glass of beer.
The owner says, "why the long face?"


59) It's the story of a unicorn who says to the Pegasus

The rhythm is well known, but I don't remember the mane.

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