Amazing Unicorn Gif Collection: Here are some of the cutest Unicorn Gifs!

by Jessica Miller February 19, 2020

Unicorn Gifs

Unicorns are famed for their enchanting charm 🦄. It's really nice to look at gorgeous unicorns with animated movements, isn't it?
Here you will find the cutest unicorn gifs that will brighten up your day and bring a big smile to your face. Sharing these gifs in your messages or on your social networks is the best way to express to the world the sweet side of your inner unicorn 🎉. 
They will touch your family and friends, even the most insensitive will succumb to the charm of the legendary horse. Even if they are not unicorn lovers, who would remain indifferent to the sight of sweet animals doing cute things 😃? If you record some of these magnificent gifs on your desktop or phone, your daily life will be much better!



First ensemble of unicorn GIF : Animated Unicorn Gif


Playful Unicorn Gif

What a cute little unicorn frolicking in Wonderland! Kinda makes you dream, doesn't it?


Ice Cream Unicorn Gif

Even mythical creatures can be badass when eating ice cream 🍦, the Ice Cream Merchant must have been impressed!


Second ensemble of unicorn GIF : Farting and Pooping Unicorn Gif

unicorn fart gif

The flying cyborg unicorn that farts thanks to its new engine, it's closer to technology than magic, but it's still devilishly efficient! 🤖


Unicorn Pooping Gif

This unicorn eats and digests quickly, but it is not discreet when it relieves itself!💩


Pooping Unicorn Gif

This stallion is more subtle when it comes to pooping, at least it takes the time to stop!


Third ensemble of unicorn GIF: Elegant unicorn gif

Pink Unicorn Gif

What a majestic one-horned horse, to see it trotting like that would almost make us regret being human...


Smart Unicorn Gif

It's much more than a mythological beast, you can tell its intellectual potential just by looking at it. It's probably a philosopher like Socrates! 


Fourth ensemble of unicorn GIF: Cat & Unicorn Gif

Caticorn Gif

So lovely this multi-colored cat with its twisted horn, it's not for nothing that it's a successful meme.


 Cute caticorn gif

 This little feline has the power to create rainbows with a simple paw movement! Wow! 🐱


unicorn cat gif

This cat riding the mythical steed is hilarious! It's probably one of the best gifs I've ever seen 😂


Fifth ensemble of unicorn GIF: Unicorn & Rainbow Gif

 unicorn with rainbow gif

The king of equines offers itself a good time by moving with a dancing step on this magnificent rainbow! You can almost hear the song :)


Amazing unicorn gif

I think this unicorn has tasted a forbidden fruit in her field, look at the shape it's in! 


Kawaii Unicorn Gif

Yummy, yummy, a rainbow, finally a non-perishable commodity! 🌈


unicorn moving gif

It's not much of a wiggle, but we'll say the heart is there! ❤️


unicorn emoji gif

A series of gifs, without showing the emoji in the effigy of the star of the horses would be a professional must, worthy of a curse, wouldn't it?



Sixth ensemble of unicorn GIF: Unicorn Cartoon and movies Gif


Pretty Last Unicorn Gif

Taken from The Last Unicorn, what a grace from the top model of mythical creatures, it's not the dragon that has this charisma!


disappointed unicorn gif

In the movie, humans can't see unicorns, but in real life I'm sure they can, but what about you?


Cute unicorn gif

Rarity from My Little Pony seems disillusioned, but what the hell happened?


Fluffy Unicorn Gif

Agnès from "Despicable Me" gets her unicorn plush and finds it very fluffy, and it's not surprising :)


Funny Unicorn Gif

Well, she's overdoing it, but it's hard to resist the charm of the most beautiful of creatures!


Beautiful Unicorn Gif

It's the turn of Chibi from "Sailor Moon" to find herself in front of a wonderful unicorn, we can see how impressed and surprised she is!  😲


Thoricorn Unicorn Gif


Even Thor to increase the potency of his powers has grown a horn that will make him even stronger 💪


Seventh ensemble of unicorn GIF: Various and unclassifiable gifs!

Americain Unicorn Gif

Uncle Sam's patriotic unicorn is proud to wear the United States colors!


unicorn glitter gif

This glitter unicorn gif shines so brightly it could blind the sun 🌞


Crazy Unicorn Gif

Crazy to turn this one around! Why is it doing that!🤪


Pixel Unicorn Gif

This pixelated unicorn seems calmer, so don't give in to anti-pixel racism!

unicorn birthday gif

The best way to wish your loved ones a happy birthday is to send them this gif! 🎂


 narwhal unicorn gif

The narwhal is also part of the party with its magnificent horn! 


Unicorn Alicorn Gif

How about a little trip on the back of an alicorn? It's a mix between the Unicorn and the Pegasus and it's safer than a plane! ✈️ 


Plush Unicorn Gif

This cuddly plush that seems at first glance adorable is actually a little monster! So beware of appearances...


Did you like our collection of gifs? Have a look at the unicorn memes! 😃


Jessica Miller
Jessica Miller

Web author but above all passionate about unicorns and fairy tales since my earliest childhood, I love to share my knowledge and give some tips that will be useful to all lovers of the magic horse.

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