How to draw a Kawaii Unicorn?

by Jessica Miller September 09, 2020

How to draw a unicorn


So your child is fascinated by Unicorns and you are looking for a pastime ? We have created a guide, which will show you how to draw a unicorn in 7 easy steps !

So friends, grab a pencil, it's time to learn how to draw your favorite mythical animal with our step-by-step drawing tutorial !


  • A Black Marker¬†‚úŹÔłŹ
  • Paper¬†ūüďĄ
  • Colored Pencils¬†ūüĖćÔłŹ


Step 1 - Start with circles to create the body 

Start by drawing 1 large and 2 small circles. This will be used to define the head and body of the unicorn.                                                                                               

a unicorn drawStep 2 - Add an ear to you Unicorn 

Draw an ear on the top circle. You can draw it differently if you prefer ! Also, add a few circles in the eye to create reflection.                                                                   

a unicorn drawStep 3 - Draw the neck

Trace the neck and muzzle joining the two circles. This step of the drawing should be easy ! :)

A Unicorn DrawStep 4 - Draw the Unicorn Horn

Now move on to the horn of the fantasy animal. Draw a curved line starting from the ear, on which you will add the horn. Don't forget to extend the line for the back, because you must gradually extend the drawing to the body of the Unicorn.

A Unicorn DrawStep 5 - The mane

You can now trace the lines of the mane with a few intermediate strokes to give it volume. This will also be used for the coloring step!                                                   

 A Unicorn Draw


Step 6 - The tail

We will now draw the tail ! Just as with the mane, make a few intermediate strokes.

A Unicorn Draw Step 7 - Finish the drawing with the legs

Now it's time to do the legs! Don't forget the clogs !

A Unicorn Draw 

There you go ! Your Unicorn drawing is finished ! :) It's now coloring time ! Don't hesitate to add stars, rainbows, etc. Your drawing will look even better with a bit of color !


Here are some tips if you want to become excellent at drawing ! Then you can pass on your passion to your whole family ! All the techniques here can be done with your children, simply take into account their ages and find the best drawing technique for them !

  1. Try to always have your drawing materials with you: a drawing pencil or the chosen tool and a sheet of paper, regardless of its type and size.
  2. Take drawing lessons if you can.
  3. Do your drawing exercises regularly.
  4. Don't draw by candlelight, but in a well-lit place.
  5. Take breaks to step back and look at your drawing and make sure you are still in the right direction.
  6. Use several techniques to get a wide variety of original results.
  7. Analyze your drawings to understand what you can improve.
  8. Show your sketches to your friends to get their feedback.

Start with a pencil, this is the easiest tool to master. When you're used to it, you might then prefer to move on to charcoal or black stone. All three tools are recommended for light and shadow play and portraits. If you like to draw with colors, opt for the originality of sanguine (red chalk), for colored pencils, ink or pastel to combine drawing and painting. And why not go towards watercolor painting ? Persevere in your work and will find that your technique and style will become more refined !

Do you want to learn more ? We really like the CreativeLive blog's draw tutorial it's a good tool to help you become an accomplished artist !

Jessica Miller
Jessica Miller

Web author but above all passionate about unicorns and fairy tales since my earliest childhood, I love to share my knowledge and give some tips that will be useful to all lovers of the magic horse.

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