How to wash your Unicorn Stuffed Animal

by Jessica Miller October 04, 2020

How to clean unicorn stuffed animal

As you already know, young (and old) children love unicorn stuffed animals. Despite the spread of screens and other new technologies, these soft toys are still things that children enjoy cuddling.

But sometimes, as time goes by, and because of their composition, the cuddly toys end up getting dirty, attracting dust and all kinds of mites, bacteria and hiding on the surface of the plush or in the stuffing.

This can be dangerous for children suffering from asthma or various allergies!

Fortunately it is not irreversible, plush toys can be washed by hand or in the washing machine. That's why we will see how to clean the stuffed toys without damaging them!

 cute unicorn stuffed animal

Do you need to wash your stuffed animals by hand or in the washing machine?

When you want to take care of a plush toy, you should first look at the label, where you will usually find the correct washing instructions.

Can't read the symbols on labels? No problem, an article explains very well how to read fabric labels all the information you need is on it. 

For example, if the plush toy is stuffed with polystyrene or plastics, it is advisable to opt for hand washing.


Stuffed Animals


How to wash plush toys in the washing machine

how to wash stuffed animal washing machine

We advise you, in order to avoid that the washing does not damage your child's cuddly toy, to cover it with a fairly thick fabric bag (for example a pillowcase) before putting it in the machine.

Then set a light wash program for delicate fabrics. It is important to choose a program with a temperature below 90°F (30°C).

To clean your plush carefully, don't use too much detergent (half a dose is enough) you can use an ecological detergent.

Detergents are not harmless and can trigger allergic attacks, so be careful! ⚠️

To keep the plush's hair soft, add half a glass of vinegar (which will also serve as a mild disinfectant) and a few crumpled pieces of aluminum foil, so your children can always cuddle their favorite toy!

Just like clothing, you must sort your stuffed animals by color to avoid any inconvenience. It would be a shame for your beautiful cute unicorn plush to turn grey or red! ⚠️

Finally, let your plush dry in the open air.

Taking care of your stuffed animals is good, but you have to be careful of the pieces of the toy that could clog your washing machine. ⚠️

How to hand wash your stuffed animal

Hand washing will better preserve your plush toy, and for that you need :

Fill a bowl with lukewarm water, add a little shampoo or natural soap with neutral ph (example: Aleppo or Marseille soap).

As with machine washing, add half a glass of vinegar for the same reasons as above.

Let the stuffed toy absorb for at least a quarter of an hour.

Once this time has elapsed, immerse the plush in a bowl of unsoapy water and leave it to soak for another 15 minutes.

Finish by pressing the plush gently.

Drying can be done by leaving the stuffed animal in the open air.


How to wash giant unicorn stuffed toys

White Unicorn Stuffed Animal

Giant stuffed animals are more successful than small ones. You can find all kinds of these on our site, some of them are more than 3 feet long!

However, although these XXL toys are even more pleasant to cuddle, the time to clean them can be a problem.

To take care of these toys you have two solutions: a laundry detergent, or a can of foam cloth.

Laundry could be the most effective solution: thanks to the quality of this kind of substance, washing a big plush toy will be a simple formality.

Otherwise, you will find different types of fabric cleaning bottles quite easily. (For example those used to clean the seats of your car).

As for the dust, it will be sufficient to remove it with a suitable vacuum cleaner. Then let the foam act on the plush and remove it.

It is true that these methods may not be very simple to implement, but they are the only effective methods for cleaning giant plush toys.


How to make your stuffed toy dry

First of all, if you don't have a tumble dryer, it's better to clean your plush early in the morning, on a day when it's nice (let's avoid rainy days).

To prevent them from discoloring, avoid exposing them to direct sunlight (or less than 10 minutes). For example, they can dry in a warm, dry and if possible ventilated place (or near a radiator).

You can also use the hair dryer, but we do not recommend it. It is true that letting it dry in the open air can take longer but it is less noisy and less expensive!


How to dry unicorn plush toys in a tumble dryer

If you don't like air drying, you can always use a tumble dryer for your stuffed animals.

This is an effective way to get them dry quickly.

Once dried, they will be smooth and fragrant, without altering their quality.

To avoid damage caused by the heat of the tumble dryer, we advise you, as with machine washing, to place your plush inside a pillowcase. Don't forget to use a delicate program to preserve the fabric of your cuddly toy!


If you encounter problems with the dryer, this video will help you to repair the damage on your stuffed animals.


Disinfect cuddly toys

Cuddly toys are different from action figures and that's why you have to be careful and disinfect them carefully.

There are disinfectant products specially designed to sterilize soft toys. Their use is recommended for your stuffed toys, especially if you have pets.

As with any cleaning product, please use it sparingly as it is a medical device designed to disinfect clothing, pillows, sheets and of course your unicorn stuffed animals!


Unicorn Plushies 


Conclusion on the cleaning of your stuffed animals

It may seem tricky, but following the instructions in this article will help you clean and care for your stuffed animals and keep them in good condition!

So remember to read the label, and treat your unicorn plush as if it were a living thing!

When you're done, you can let us know how it turns out!

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