Top 5 Unicorn Rings

by Jessica Miller October 11, 2020

Best Unicorn Rings

If you're here it's because you love unicorns, right? Great!

Discover our best selection of unicorn rings for both girls and women 👸to brighten up your style. You will find in this article our top 5 of the best unicorn rings from our wonderful unicorn jewelry collection!

These rings are made from various materials, including stainless steel, zinc, and 925 sterling silver. It's up to you to find the one that suits you among our wide selection of jewels.

All the lovers of this marvelous creature whatever the generation, as well for children, teenagers or adults. After all, beauty has no age limit. Moreover, we guarantee an ideal quality-price ratio, so you can adorn yourself with beautiful jewelry of top quality at affordable prices.

On the other hand, if you wish to discover the universe of this mythological creature, you can also explore the other unicorn jewelry 🦄 collections in order to acquire new ornaments related to this amazing creature. 

This being said, here we go for our Top 5 of the Most Beautiful Unicorn Rings! 💍


The Unicorn Mood Ring

Definitely the most surprising ring of the whole collection, this unicorn mood ring has the particularity to change color as the mood of the person wearing it. This bewitching aspect is meant to captivate young children and to attract them in a fairy and wonderful world. 🌈

It is the most supernatural fashion accessory available in our Website. This makes it the perfect gift to give to your kid at her birthday party especially if she is passionate about this wonderful horned horse. It is also a romantic way to show your love for Valentine's Day.

Unicorn Mood Ring

The Vintage Unicorn Ring

This Vintage Unicorn Ring made of stainless steel combines the ancient look of a magic amulet with the incredible world of unicorns! 😍 This ring is therefore a wonderful present for anyone who dreams of being able to see this legendary animal with their eyes. 

By its design, this ring seems to come straight from a fantasy world to amaze people and is pleasant to wear. It is an ideal gift for all people attracted by unreal and childish dreams. It is a timeless jewel that is perfect for you.

 vintage unicorn ring

The Unicorn Diamond Ring

This magnificent unicorn diamond ring made of both ceramic and sterling silver on this ring adds a beautiful unicorn head adorned with precious gems 💎 such as diamonds. 

Come and appreciate this magnificent jewel with its extraordinary appearance so that you can feel like you are seeing this imaginary stallion in real life to complement your daily routine and bring a little bit of fantasy to your life. It is a very trendy adornment ideal to distinguish yourself and embellish your personal fashion style.

unicorn diamond ring
The Cute Unicorn Ring

This cute unicorn ring made of sterling silver, to which is added a unicorn head closing the eyes and silver stones all around based on zircon crystals is undoubtedly from a world of dreams. Actually, this ring can enchant little kids as well as adults. With this beautiful mix of colors it is also a nice present for a Birthday or any other special celebration.🎉

The wonderful world of unicorns has not finished bringing us beauty and joy with these creations, each one more fanciful than the other, which seem to come from Kawaii Unicorn.

cute unicorn ring 

The Pink Silver Unicorn Ring

This pink unicorn ring representing the fabulous horse seems straight out of a fairy tale, made of 925 Sterling Silver, its pink color is due to the zircon crystals that look like small diamond shaped stones which gives it a shiny look and a princess look to the wearer. 

It is also one of the most beloved whimsical accessories in our online store dedicated to this mythical creature. 

You can offer it to your daughter, whether she's still a little girl or a teenager, whatever the occasion. 🎀 However, as this ring is adjustable, it can also be suitable for adult women who are passionate about the magic of unicorns.🦄

pink unicorn ring


That's the end of our TOP 5, don't hesitate to tell us which one is your favorite! We will soon make similar ones for earrings, necklaces and bracelets! 😄


Jessica Miller
Jessica Miller

Web author but above all passionate about unicorns and fairy tales since my earliest childhood, I love to share my knowledge and give some tips that will be useful to all lovers of the magic horse.

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