Cute Unicorn Mug

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 How to get up in a good mood? Nothing could be easier using the cute unicorn mug. With a good capacity, measuring 14 cm wide (counting the horn and handle) by 3 cm high, its soft colors and friendly smile are the allies of morning awakenings.


  • This cup is super strong!

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Usable in microwaves

  • For children's chocolate, mommy's tea or daddy's coffee (and vice versa), this unicorn accepts all kinds of beverages.

  • Do you want to use it as a storage space? Never mind, Isabella (that's her name) the unicorn mug is versatile.


We love the fact that even if we're awake, unshaved (I speak for the gentlemen, thank you), this unicorn will still smile at us. We think it's great that we can say "Good morning Isabella" with our hoarse morning voice and that she doesn't answer us anything, because she knows very well that we are not morning people. She accepts hot drinks, in the morning, in the evening, in the afternoon, and if we just want to put paper clips in her belly or car keys, we won't take her to the hospital, she will always smile, with pink in her cheeks. The only problem is, we'll fight as a family to get her. But once again, she offers a solution: buy several. She'll feel less lonely in the closet. Multitasking, pretty, practical, we only have two words to say: " Well done Isabella!